Time to Save

“At age 50 more than 75% of the US population has less than $5,000 in retirement savings.” Our founder Richard Minervino Sr. discovered this shocking statistic and decided to create Time to Save.

Time to Save is a foundation with a vision and a passion – a world where people of all ages are wise in the ways of money and gain value from their use of it. A Time to Save membership is free. We provide our members with personal finance information, education, and cashback on purchases they make with our partners. The cash back is invested by our members to help them prepare and save for their future. Or, it can be donated to the charity / individual of their choice. We are actively sharing our vision of a world of financially responsible individuals.

Time to Save funds the Dick and Dorrie Minervino foundation, a national 501(c)(3), that is dedicated to creating a world of financially responsible individuals. We envision a future where people of all ages make wise financial decisions. We provide personal finance information, education, and cash back rewards on purchases made with our retail partners.
We promise to always be readily available for customer service and aid our members with online shopping. As a member of Time to Save you will gain a renewed sense of comfort in your spending habits.

We are partnered with over 100 charitable organizations and make it easy for our members to make charitable contributions. We will continue to evolve the Time to Save website by obtaining and considering the valuable feedback, suggestions, and needs of our members.

We strongly assert that we will always practice complete disclosure and transparency regarding all financial transactions. Our members’ positive experiences are of paramount importance. We always have their best interests at heart.

We are committed to the financial wellbeing of our members as they age. The financial and investment education of our members and merchant partners will always be a top priority.