Who We Are

The Dick and Dorrie Minervino Foundation is the legacy of founder Richard Minervino Sr. and was created to give back to the world through charitable contributions. He created TimetoSave.com with the sole intent to have it fund the foundation. Mr. Minervino recognized that one of the world’s biggest problems was a lack of financial education and financial security. He dreamed of creating a service that could empower individuals into financial independence. Time to Save is the manifestation of this dream and the opus of all his brain children.

Time is Save is the largest online mall that provides members with cash back savings on all of their everyday online purchases. By receiving a percentage of each online purchase back in their Time to Save accounts our members create significant savings without making any changes to their normal shopping routines. The money is managed by Time to Save in conjunction with our financial institution to ensure our members receive the most secure and financially responsible assistance. We allow our members to allocate a percentage of their savings to one of our hundreds of charity partners.

Mr. Minervino attributes most of his success in his adult life to his wife and best friend, Mrs. Dorrie Minervino. The inspiration for the foundation and the love of his life Mrs. Minervino embodies true goodness through her continual generosity and appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. An avid lover of birds, gardening, and nature Mrs. Minervino exudes the philosophy of the foundation which is rooted in selfless kindness. Married for over 50 years, the Minervino’s still have date night three times a week.