Dick and Dorrie Minervino

Dick and Dorrie Minervino

The Dick and Dorrie Minervino Foundation is the legacy and the opus of its founder Richard Minervino Sr. Dick, as he is known at the age of 84, still has a tremendous work ethic and is the first to arrive and last to leave the office every day. He began his entrepreneurship at age 8, when he purchased an 80 customer paper route with $5 he saved from running errands.

The youngest of immigrant parents, he intuitively found himself taking charge of his destiny. His work ethic and insatiable drive were more focused on work achievements than scholastic excellence. He was a true anomaly to educators. By the time he was 16 he was considered a hardworking juvenile delinquent, quite a contradiction. He was officially made a ward of the juvenile court system.

He realized he needed maturity and discipline which lead him to the Marines. He thinks his Marine Corps experience was a “priceless experience”. While in boot camp he learned that he had an IQ of 165, “When I was told, that I did not even know what an IQ was.”

At the conclusion of the Korean War, he returned to civilian life and started his long career in telecommunications. He started out at the Southern New England Telephone Company. His first job was at the top of a manhole and his salary was 85 cents an hour. With a growing family he worked multiple jobs both day and night. Ultimately he was accepted in sales and found his niche. He became the top salesman in the entire state of Connecticut.

In the end he found working for a monopoly and selling antiquated equipment utterly repugnant. He had an expert understanding of networks, systems, processes and procedures, and decided to become a worldwide communications consultant to businesses, industries and institutions.

His start-up capital was $3,500 borrowed from the telephone company credit union. All of his endeavors to date emanated from that very meager and humble nest egg. He served many dozens of insurance and oil companies, Wall Street firms, Madison Avenue ad agencies, Fortune 50, 100, 500, and 1000 corporations, and every Ivy League university in the country.

Due to his success, he was recruited by the managing partner of prestigious Booz Allen Hamilton. Mr.Minervino has had quite a career for a high school dropout and former juvenile ward of the court.

The first call accounting system he developed was installed at the Phoenix Mutual Insurance company over 40 years ago. The system reduced their telecom usage costs by over 33%. Dozens of insurance companies and other businesses and industries also subscribed and saw reductions in costs.

Today he owns billing, long distance, network services, management services, and customer care companies. He is currently creating a 900 seat call center for veterans and wives of military personnel. He is thrilled that technology will allow veterans who are not ambulatory to participate as a rep from their home or bed anywhere in the country.

He is launching a new worldwide billing company for purposes other than telecommunications. He recently became the president and CEO of the Connecticut Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce and will be the president of the United States Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce.

In 2010 Mr. Minervino was invited to West Point to formally address 4,000 cadets and present awards to the two most outstanding in establishing good relations with their counterparts in China and Russia.

Mr. Minervino attributes most of his success in his adult life to his wife and best friend, Dorrie Minervino. The inspiration for the foundation and the love of his life, Mrs.Minervino embodies true goodness through her continual generosity and appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. An avid lover of birds, animals, and nature Mrs. Minervino exudes the philosophy of the foundation which is rooted in selfless kindness and goodness. They have been together for over 50 years and still have a date night three times a week.

The trials and tribulations that came along with hard work and success lead Mr. Minervino to create the Dick and Dorrie Minervino foundation. The foundation was created to help the world through charitable contributions, financial literacy and savings, and community involvement.

Mr. Minervino recognized that one of the world’s biggest problems was a lack of financial education and security. He dreamed of creating a service that could empower individuals into financial independence. Time to Save is the manifestation of this dream and the opus of all his brain children.

Time is Save is the largest online mall that provides members with cash back savings on all of their everyday online purchases, and purchases made with Main Street vendors, doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, etc. By receiving a percentage of each online purchase back in their Time to Save accounts our members create significant savings without making any changes to their normal shopping routines.

The money is managed by our financial institution to ensure our members receive the most secure and financially responsible assistance. Our members can allocate a percentage of their savings to one or more of our many hundreds of charity partners.

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